Monday, April 12, 2010

Boston Trip Packing Tips

Over the last few years of traveling for work I have gotten pretty good at packing and planning for trips. I'm getting ready for a trip to Boston and I thought I would share my method of choosing what goes and what stays!
So here is how I go about packing:
First, I determine how many days I will be staying wherever it is I am going. Next, I mentally walk myself through each day and the different activities that are on the agenda. I then make a list of the quantity of each type of outfit I think I will need. For instance, for this trip my "outfit tally" looks like this:

2-travel outfits (something super comfy, shoes that slip on and off for security lines)
2-business casual outfits (I only have two days where I need this type of outfit but I will bring three just to be sure. Sometimes I get where I am going and am just not "feeling" the outfit I brought so I like to have an extra for important trips).
3-casual downtime outfits (I like to feel put together when I am traveling, especially when I am traveling for work because it is usually to big cities where people are OH SO stylish!)

In addition, I have to remember pjs, workout clothes and underpinnings.

Here are the outfits I chose to bring to Boston:
This One is for my 5am flight. Comfy but still chic.

This is one of my choices for a "cocktail" type event. I don't want to show too much skin in a work setting.

Here is my other cocktail outfit for a second party.

This Calvin Klein dress is an easy work outfit for trips. It never wrinkles and looks put together.

Work outfit #2

Work outfit #3

Super excited about this new work outfit! This is what happens when I play in my closet! Also, notice that this is the same skirt from the cocktail outfit.

Another new work option and another usage of that black pencil skirt! This outfit inspired...

This one! I thought if it was cute with a skirt it would be cute with skinny jeans and flats!

Another "around town" outfit for checking out the sights of Boston!

Here are some of my general packing tips:

-try to minimize the number of pairs of shoes you bring to save space! I realize how versatile my nude pumps are after packing for this trip/doing this post.

-don't ever pack something you don't usually wear in your hometown. If you don't wear it at home, why would you wear it somewhere else?

-whenever possible, bring separates that you can mix and match to lighten your load. Dresses are also an easy way to be put together while on the road.

-try to work your bulkiest piece(s) into your travel outfit to save space in your luggage.

-don't forget your jewelry/accessories. They don't take up much space and can make a big impact!

-always, always, always "less is more" when packing.

Post any packing/traveling tips I missed in the comments section!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally My Camera Is Here!

My new camera came a couple of weeks ago and I am excited to update my blog more frequently now that I have it!

As of now, it is still a mysterious and strange contraption but hopefully I will get it all figured out pretty quick! I have enjoyed torchuring my dogs (the cat is my friend Jules's) with practice photo sessions and hopefully I am getting the hang of it. Kyle and I spent Easter weekend out at lake LBJ with his parents. They were good sports and went on a cactus hunt/bluebonnet search and we got some fun pictures. Here are some of my pics so far...

Kyle pointed out this lone bluebonnet in the sand on the shoreline of Lake Buchanan.

The carp were spawning n LBJ and Lake Buchanan. I couldn't believe that my camera could get such a clear shot of them!

Hands down my favorite spot. This was about a quarter mile off of the road and when I saw it I got so excited. It just looks like the perfect Texas hill country spot.

We had to pose in my spot!

Ann and Mark being good sports in the bluebonnets!

Me and Ann!

My friend's cat "Seven" or as I like to call him "Siete".

My boys enjoying a trip to Jones Brother's Park by our house.

Cabo's regal profile.