Friday, December 4, 2009

Breaking the Silence: In Memory of my Camera

My apologies for being M.I.A. this last month. I'm going to play my "it's the Holidays" card. So I vow to post regularly the rest of the year!

What have I been doing instead of posting? Mostly daydreaming about the awesome new camera I'm hoping I can get on an after Christmas special! That's right... my camera finally bit the dust... rest in peace Sony Cybershot (sniff, sniff). But if I were a camera, and I had to go to the eternal resting place, I would want to go the way my camera did. At an AC/DC concert. That's right... my camera went out like a rocker! My brother, his girlfriend, my sister, her boyfriend, and me and my honey all went to the concert earlier this month and, needless to say, the camera didn't make it home in one piece. Here are some of the final shots:

I love this shot of my sis. Love the hair especially! So easy but so chic!

This is our version of Rocker Chic. Not so tough I guess!

OBSESSED with her necklace!

Such a great show! I would have never thought I would have enjoyed it as much as I did but it was incredible! Thanks for the great idea Mari!

The girl behind us cracks me up!

This picture was after we dropped the camera... hence the fuzziness. It wont even turn on now... but like I said- it was a good way to go.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Call of the Styled

I've heard rumblings from you, my loyal friends who check this blog regularly, that I haven' t done a full profile in a while. I hear you and I need your help! If you would be game to be profiled or you want to suggest a friend or family member that you think has great personal style, please email me!

Over the next few weeks I will be in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley so if you are in those areas or know of someone... EMAIL ME!

Thanks friends!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Need a little sparkle in your life?

I'm starting to notice some fall trends after scouring my favorite retailers' websites and my favorite fashion blogs, not to mention my real life shopping! I'm thinking I will pick a trend and show you guys some of my favorite finds out there.

I know trends aren't for everyone, but it seems to me that lately trends seem to be hanging around longer and are easier to incorporate into your "style". That way... they are never "out"! Just look at studs, vests, embellished flat sandals, platform heels, belted waists, maxi dresses... I can't imagine my wardrobe without several of those items, no matter how "out" they may become. So that is my rant... now here are my sparkly sequins!!! So excited for the holidays!

Expect to see me wearing this one soon... it's LOVE!!
images 1&2, images 3,4,5, images 6&7, images 8,9,10

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The only thing better than Nordstroms is...

Nordstroms Rack! They just opened one in Austin and Destiny and I had a blast checking it out while she was in town for work. We found some really great scores while we were fighting the crowds... here are some of the things we picked up:
Destiny and I both picked up a pair of these but ours are suede! They are Cole Haan with Nike technology and as D put it "they are like walking on butter"!

This is the 2nd pair of !IT brand jeans I've bought. They are super comfortable and are that perfect mid length so I can wear them with heals or flats!

I've been searching for a perfect pair of leggings and I love these because they have the zipper detail that makes them feel a little bit special and edgy.

And just for fun... here is a pair of shoes I am obsessing over. They are jellies! But with a sophisticated leather and metal buckle. Can't decide between black and brown though!! HELP!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Meet Tanya and check out her website!

I recently reunited with an old friend and found out what she has been up to! Tanya is such an interesting and warm person who I am so happy to have reconnected with. She is a dancer, a fabulous friend, and most recently a mother (I couldn't resist using a pic of her when she was still pregnant. I love this shot!) She was nice enough to agree to let me profile her style down the road and I can't wait!
In my conversations with Tanya I found out that she recently became a stylist for an online collection of jewelry. I took a look at her site and found the jewelry to be very stylish yet high quality! It is the kind of stuff that you will have forever and pass on to your daughters! Here are some pieces from her website that I am obsessing over! Take a look at these pieces and more on her site :

Stackable Rings

I am crazy about pounded metal lately! I would wear these earrings with everything!

I'm pretty sure this is a new "basic" like pearl stud earrings. I really like these too because they are CZ and Silver!

Loving these charm necklaces and I realllllly like this ocean themed one!

This looks really similar to a piece I have been daydreaming about from a boutique in Austin, this is just more affordable!

I'm totally crazy over gold and silver combo jewelry! You can wear it with EVERYTHING!

Check out Tanya's site for more beautiful and interesting pieces and for her contact info!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Few Fall Cravings...

Here are a couple of things I want for my fall wardrobe:

1. Ankle Boots

Michael Kors from $199.00

Faux leather ankle boots from $35.90

2. A Cropped Motorcycle Jacket

Faux leather from $39.50

Faux leather from $22.50

Knit version from $22.90

3. Flat Riding Style Boot $35.50

Franco Sarto from $189.00

4. Infinity Scarf
Roxy from $34.00

My friend Steph just picked one up at Charming Charlie's for $10! I think I'm going to have to get one!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Heart Fall

I never realized how much I love this time of year! The weather is so perfect and the Holidays are hanging out just around the corner. I feel this nice sense of calm and happiness! Plus I have had time over the past week to get some work done around my house. I will do a big post later this week with indoor pics but here are a couple of quick shot of my front door fall set up. Des totally inspired me with her pumpkins!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Casa De French

Desiree was nice enough to offer up her home for Marlen's profile photo session and interview. As we were taking photos, I was so inspired by The French's lovely home and decided it merited it's own post! So here are my favorite house shots from our day at Casa De French!

Des loves the holiday season and has her house decked out in Fall cheer already!

I fell in love with this adorable little duo!
It would make even the most plain white fridge look chic!
I love their kitchen! It is totally a room you could just hang out in.

This piece of furniture hides all of their entertainment equipment.
And Des has plants all over the house! They were fun to use in Marlen's pictures.

Here is the French's guest room. It looks so cozy I can't wait to come and stay!

And here is the master suite! I love their style and taste!
I am so inspired to go home and decorate!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Marlen: Flirtatiously Edgy

Marlen is my first "2nd Degree" profile! Desiree, who you might remember from an earlier profile, suggested that I get together with Marlen to learn more about what makes up her unique and confident style.

We decided to meet at Desiree's place and we ended up having the best time taking pictures, eating halloween cookies, and generally just having girl time. Rikki even stopped by who you might remember from my first profile! It was a great way to spend a Sunday!

After hanging out with Marlen today I am so inspired by her confidence and how comfortable she is with herself and her style. She is such a beautiful person as you can see in these pictures but she also has such a positive and friendly personality. The day was full of fun stories and crack up moments and it was honestly one of the best times I've had in a while! Thanks girls for a wonderful day!

So check out her tips and tricks along with her to-die-for style!

Look #1: I teased Marlen that I saw this outfit when I facebook stalked her before the shoot. I love the shrug/vest and the belt! I really like her makeup in the second shot too!

Look #2: This look is so cute! I love her shoes and notice her necklace, she mentions it in the interview portion.

Look #3: These pictures totally exibit Marlen's quirky and fun personality, not to mention her affinity for a little animal print and a sexy sillouette!

Look #4: Marlen is right on trend with her plaid shirt but she makes it work for her with a belt and some hoop earings (we decided they are the Rio Grand Valley's version of studs).

Look #5: Marlen rocked this shirt with total confidence and a sexy air! Check out her cuff bracelet in the 2nd shot.

Look #6: She cleans up nice and she knows how to do a smokey eye, she is the full package!

Look #7: This casual yet put-together ensemble is perfect for the weekend or cocktails after work.

Look #8: This wasn't originally a "Look" but we made it one because I loved her shirt so much! The sparrow is embroidered on the shirt and it is a great fit on her.

And now... to learn all you need to know about Marlen's style, read on:

6: Tell me about your style? Describe it to me?

Marlen: Flirty, fun and I really like to be edgy. I like to keep up with the times and the style. I don’t mind being trendy but I can also turn around and throw on some chucks and a t-shirt.

6: What stores do you love to shop at?

Marlen: Metro Park, bebe for tops and jewelry, Guess for tops and jeans and a lot of my earrings and flats, Nordstrom’s for shoes. I also love Target for swimwear, and accessories and they have some really cute random t-shirts. I am all about random vintage or cartoon t-shirts. I have a ninja turtle t-shirt that I’ve had for seven years that I love and it still looks good!

6: Wow! How has it lasted that long?

Marlen: Well my mom never used a washing machine and I take most of my clothes to the cleaners. That really helps things last longer. I mostly just wash my scrubs for work and t-shirts.

6: What colors do you gravitate to?

Marlen: I wear a lot of black and I am really into purple and plum right now! I just love it. I try to do greens too because of my eyes. I also like the way green and red look with my skin tone.

6: Do you like prints?

Marlen: I love animal prints and I am really loving the flannel plaid look that is everywhere right now. I also like polka dots because they look really innocent and feminine.

6: What would you like to enhance about your style?

Marlen: I think I would get more expensive shoes. I love Christian Loubatin shoes. Their boots are to die for. I would enhance my bag and shoe collection for sure! My dream bag is a Chanel bag, the classic black quilted bag with the chain and pink lining. I would like to branch out more with accessories like scarves and headbands. It is hard to do too much with my hair because of how long it is.

6: Tell me about your hair; have you always had it long?

Marlen: I have always had really long hair and I only cut it about once a year. I don’t do anything special to it really, I just keep it long. It is pretty heavy though and when I put it up it can give me a headache. I think I will keep it long until I have kids. It take me about an hour to blow-dry and half an hour to flat iron. I like to wear it curly sometimes because that is easy. I have never dyed it.

6: What is your favorite part of getting dressed?

Marlen: I love putting my makeup on! I look in the mirror and say “What am I going to do today!?” My mom and I used to get together side by side every morning when I was growing up. I would help her do her bangs and put on her eyeliner for her when I was fifteen. My dream job would be to do makeup for the stars. My mom is the one that taught me to always look my best.

6: Where do you get your inspiration?

Marlen: I read a lot of magazines. InStyle, Allure, Vogue and Elle. I love Allure for makeup tips and ideas!

6: Ooo! Do you have any good beauty tips?

1.I just bought the eye roller from Garnier for puffy eyes. I do it night and in the morning and it really works.

2.I always keep a safety tip attached to my bra just in case I need it.

3.I also powder my eyelashes with translucent powder before I put on my mascara to make them fuller. I also have used Revitalash and it totally works! It makes them grow so much and I noticed it in about 3 weeks!

4.I love using the Mac cream pot eyeliner with a skinny brush. That is the best way to put on eye liner.

6: Who in your life has inspired your personal style?

Marlen: My sister Marisol because growing up we had a really good relationship. She is 6 years older than me and I always watched her get ready and she was always on the cutting edge of what was going on. She still looks really cute now too! She works in advertising so she gets to dress cute and not stuffy, yet professional.

6: You seem really confident in your style and you seem to know what you like. Have you always been that way?

Marlen: I have always known what I liked but as I’ve gotten older and when I moved to Houston it opened me up to more options and to be more edgy. Also when I was in undergrad I learned so much by seeing all the different styles people had.

6: How do you shop? Do you like shopping alone or with friends?

Marlen: I hate to shop sales and clearance. It is over stimulating when there are so many people and there is a sale. I like to go shopping Monday through Friday. I want it to be easy and I know what I want and where to go and what size. I also prefer to go shopping alone especially when I am looking for something in particular. I make friends when I go shopping though like Eric my own little “personal shopper” at the Metro Park in the galleria. He helps me pick out things that will look great on me and he knows my style already!

6: What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

Marlen: I love my sparrow t-shirt from metro park (pictured). I have a little cropped black jacket that is short sleeved. I like to wear it with everything, it looks nice but isn’t binding. I also love my chucks and my tory burch black patent leather sandals

6: Do you prefer heels or flats?

Marlen: This year I have been more about flats because I broke my foot running down the stairs. I have had to wear flats even to the club and I’ve realized how awesome it is for my feet not too hurt. I love heels though because I wear tennis shoes for work so much. I love to dress up on the weekend.

6: What about sentimental pieces?

Marlen: I have a bracelet that my mom gave to me when I moved away from home (pictured). She got it from some Nun’s who blessed it and said to wear it until it comes off and it is supposed to protect me. So far so good! I have had it on for four hears. My grandfather gave me a silver lariat that means a lot to me also. I also love my turquoise necklace (pictured in outfit with white top and black belt) that my mom gave me when I graduated from college.

6: Describe your style in two words!

Marlen: Flirtatiously Edgy