Monday, October 19, 2009

Meet Tanya and check out her website!

I recently reunited with an old friend and found out what she has been up to! Tanya is such an interesting and warm person who I am so happy to have reconnected with. She is a dancer, a fabulous friend, and most recently a mother (I couldn't resist using a pic of her when she was still pregnant. I love this shot!) She was nice enough to agree to let me profile her style down the road and I can't wait!
In my conversations with Tanya I found out that she recently became a stylist for an online collection of jewelry. I took a look at her site and found the jewelry to be very stylish yet high quality! It is the kind of stuff that you will have forever and pass on to your daughters! Here are some pieces from her website that I am obsessing over! Take a look at these pieces and more on her site :

Stackable Rings

I am crazy about pounded metal lately! I would wear these earrings with everything!

I'm pretty sure this is a new "basic" like pearl stud earrings. I really like these too because they are CZ and Silver!

Loving these charm necklaces and I realllllly like this ocean themed one!

This looks really similar to a piece I have been daydreaming about from a boutique in Austin, this is just more affordable!

I'm totally crazy over gold and silver combo jewelry! You can wear it with EVERYTHING!

Check out Tanya's site for more beautiful and interesting pieces and for her contact info!

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