Saturday, October 3, 2009

Your Highness Fashion Show

I had a fabulous business trip to San Francisco last week and was really inspired by my coworkers fabulous fashion. I am so lucky to work with this group of beautiful and put-together women. Every time I spend a few days with this group I am refreshed both in a work sense and in a fashion sense!
One of our activities on this trip was a fashion show/contest in which we were supposed to play certain characters. Three teams each created a look using Tigi Catwalks new volumizing line, Your Highness. Here is what we came up with.

From left to right: Tammy was representing a Hollywood Red-carpet moment, Sonya was a New York Fashionista, and I was a Texas Socialite! How fun is that?

Striking a pose before the judging! I guess that is my model face? Sucking in my cheeks haha!
I loved Sonya as a New Yorker. Her look was all about the hair... and the killer boots!

As for my outfit, I pretty much built it around my new shoes. They are too fun, and so very Texas!
Some of our lovely audience/team members! A super fun group to work with!
These ladies are waiting to hear who won!

Tammy's team, Hollywood Redcarpet, ended up winning this one! It was such a fun little event and we all came up with styles that were true to the "role" we were playing. The team members were really they ones who did all the work, cranking out these styles in a mere 30 minutes!

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  1. Rachel! I love your outfit! Your blogg is inspiring! From the clothes to all the decoratring ideas! Your blog is so colorful!