Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Natural? Beauty?

I have had "natural beauty" on my mind a lot lately. This is an interesting topic to me as someone who earns her living working in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Sometimes the message this industry sends is "you will be beautiful once you purchase Product X, Product X will change your life". Coming from a place somewhere between girly and tomboy, I can see both sides of this issue.

One of the first fights I ever got in with my life-long bestie was over makeup. My parents let me start wearing pressed powder (the old school mint green cover girl compact!) and lip gloss at the ripe old age of 12. Today's 12 year old would probably revolt at the thought of no makeup, but my best friend, then 13, was still not allowed to partake in the pleasures of self-enhancement. I remember well the heated notes we passed each other debating the topic. At the time I thought that she was just jealous that her parents wouldn't afford her the same freedom in the beauty dept (probably some truth to that) but now looking back... I think she was right. Why? Why walk down the path of looking at yourself to find things to "fix"at such a young age. In my parents defense I was a very determined and convincing adolescent.

As an adult, the idealistic thought that I am fine as I am and society/work/friends/significant others can just deal with it doesn't carry the same conviction. This is especially true when the daily duties of your job require that you get excited about Product X and how it is going to change your customers' business and, in turn, change their clients' lives!!

I'm only being half-sarcastic as there are beauty products that DO change lives... Skeptical? Case in point: concealer. Okay so maybe concealer wont make you rich or significantly more beautiful... but for people with scars or skin conditions, concealer could be the difference between being able to look people in the eye all day long or not. Need another example? How about hair products? I have several friends with beautiful "naturally curly" hair that would look like the result of a violent electrocution without certain products. Said products would have to be manually pried from cold dead hands to get these friends to go au natural. Now both of those examples are extreme cases but I can speak for myself and say that when I am feeling good about myself, I have a better day. When I have a better day, hopefully every person I come into contact with is affected by that in a positive way, and that is nothing to scoff at!

So in conclusion... I have decided to take it down a notch. I love nothing more than when my husband proclaims me his "natural beauty" and it just doesn't sound the same from under 4 layers of makeup. Don't get me wrong... if I bump into you on a night on the town, don't be surprised if I am rocking a smokey eye! Everything in its time and everything in its place!


P.S. Check out this months Marie Claire with Jessica Simpson on the cover with air dried hair and no makeup. That is some natural beauty if you ask me! Here is a link to the shots from the story.

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  1. Awesome post Rachel! The confidence that stems from feeling beautiful naturally gives you a glow that no product could ever replicate ;) Keep up the great writing!