Sunday, February 12, 2012

Success and Her Evil Twin

So much of success is deciding what you want to succeed at. It doesn’t sound that hard, but there is something intimidating about turning internal desires into actual goals. Real goals, said out loud, written in black and white, posted on Facebook. Why is it so scary to go on the books about what we want out of life? One thing that holds many of us back from pursuing our goals in life is the fear of failure.

We can all think back and remember a time when we failed at something if we are being honest with ourselves. Unfortunately those happenings can hold us back from going after what we want to achieve in life. One way of moving past a disappointing experience is by looking for what we can learn from the situation to help us in the future. This outlook makes it possible to acknowledge what has already transpired, and transform it into a positive lesson that just might ultimately help us succeed in the future.

In a way, success and failure are forever related. Many great success stories begin with a string of malfunctions. Alternatively, any failure can be built upon to create a great success.

For me, success is seizing every moment I have been granted and always making an effort to do my very best. My ultimate goal is to continually grow and become the best possible version of myself while doing all I can to help the people in my life achieve their full potential. Cheesy as it may sound, I truly believe in the talent and overall wonderfulness of my friends, family and colleagues. If you are reading this, you likely fall into one of those categories and I’d like to take the opportunity to say that I am honored to be connected to you and inspired by you more than you know.

What is your secret to success? Please share it!

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