Sunday, August 9, 2009

Effortlessly Expressive

Des and I got together this afternoon for some girl time. We had some great conversation and took some fun pics of her fabulous style! Des continues to be an inspiration to me the longer we are friends. She is all about the perfect balance of being comfortable and also pulled together. For example, she excitedly showed me how the black dress she is wearing in the above pic could be rolled into a ball and packed into a suitcase without worrying about wrinkles. Young girls take notice! This is the girl you want to be when you grow up. Enjoy her tips and adorable outfits!





6: Tell me about your style:

Desiree: I like things that are easy and comfortable. I wear a lot of dresses because you look really put together without too much work. Also they help me keep cool in our 11 months of summer. Also, I wear scrubs at work so I like to feel like a girl in my private life!

6: What are the three stores you couldn’t live without?

Desiree: J.Crew, White House Black Market and Sylvia’s- a boutique in McAllen, TX where I get most of my dresses.

6: Who were your real-life inspirations growing up?

Desiree: My mom, honestly, she reminds me of myself because she doesn’t have a “specific style” and she always looks very cute and put together but not anyone could pull off some of the styles she wears.

6: Real life inspirations now?

Desiree: I love the way my friend Marlen dresses. She wears a lot of stuff from Metro Park and she just looks cool. I really love that “edgy look” and I don’t think I show it in the way I dress as much as I would like sometimes. You have to have a certain attitude to pull off.

6:Do you have any celebrities that inspire you?

Desiree: I don’t emulate celebrities for the most part but I do love Sienna Miller’s style. She always looks cool and so does Rosario Dawson. She looks confident. Also- this may be stupid- but I love the things Lauren Conrad wears… it always looks like something I could wear. She is always versatile and edgy, yet real.

6: What types of things are you drawn to when you are shopping?

Desiree: I just recently noticed that I have a bikini, a camisole nighty and a shirt that are all yellow polka dots. I think I like it because is looks innocent. I like feminine pieces that are simple and clean. However, when I look through my closet I see a lot of bold prints and graphic designs so I’m not sure what that means about my style.

6: Maybe it just depends on your mood and what you are dressing for…

Desiree: Yeah, it’s like “do I feel girly today or tough”?

6: Is there any style that makes you cringe?

Desiree: I don’t think there is anything specific that I hate. Clothes are so personal. I wouldn’t wear fur, both for moral reasons and it isn’t really my style. I don’t like things that are too complicate or uncomfortable. I hate itchy fabric. I like things that are effortless and feel good on my skin. I would like to say that I sacrifice comfort for beauty but I don’t always do that.

6: Do you like to shop?

Desiree: It depends on my confidence and my bank account. But if I’m bloated and broke, no way.

6: Who are your favorite people to shop with?

Desiree: I usually shop alone or online. But in person, I like to shop with my mom or with an honest friend who will let me know if something isn’t the best for me without hurting my confidence! I want gentle honesty.

6: I know you have some good beauty and perfume tips…

Desiree: Perfume is a big part of getting dressed for me. I don’t feel fully dressed without it. Smell is one of the greatest senses people have and you can look great but if you smell bad? Ew. I like to put it in my hair so that it leaves a lasting impression when I am walking away. Also I like to layer perfumes and body oils for a longer lasting scent.

Also, lately I’ve gotten really into eyelashes because they are very feminine and sexy. I wanted long luxurious lashes for my wedding so I’ve been using Latisse (a product that helps your lashes grow longer and thicker). I’m still trying to decide if it is working but at least I feel like I’m doing something.

6: Quantity or quality?

Desiree: Quality. People are surprised when they see my closet. I am such a girly girl but I probably only have 10 pairs of shoes. I buy shoes that last and are very versatile. I have to LOVE something to buy it but if I love it I am willing to pay a little bit more.

6: Give us your best style advice:

Desiree: Be FEARLESS. Growing up I was afraid to look different or out of place so I would immolate the things my friends or classmates would wear. But as I’ve gotten older I have realized that I am different, and we all are. I like my style and I like the individuality of the things I wear. I like it that they are me and no one else.

6: Your style in two words:
Desiree: Effortlessly Expressive

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  1. Dear Rachel, What a beautiful young lady you are and the pictures of you in different outfits are darling.
    I am also a Texan and I am making a list of just Texas bloggers. I am happy I found you and hope you will come and visit me.