Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shop Girls

Is it me? Or do ladies working retail tend to have the best style around? Is it because they are surrounded by beautiful things all day? Or are they inherently stylish, drawing them to work around what they love? Either way, here are a few girls who caught my eye while shopping in California. They each have a style that perfectly fits their lovely personality.

Nordstrom San Francisco
This gal and I got into a conversation about Loehmann's and how amazing it is (I was still carrying my bag from my morning shopping trip there). She also helped me figure out what to do about a white leather bag I have that got stained reddish from a dress I wore it with. I love her polished look and her sincere attitude. She was even brave enough to let me take her picture at work! Thanks again!
Kayla and Willow
Betsey Johnson Walnut Creek

I'm pretty sure I have "Kayla's" name wrong :( Note to self- WRITE THINGS DOWN! These girls were super sweet and I fell in love with the focus pieces of their outfits... I mean come on... snake print tank? Too cute. And don't get me started on that sequin mini. So perfect to dress up or down!

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