Sunday, August 23, 2009


I haven't blogged in forever mostly because I hate posting blogs without photos and my camera situation has been less than ideal! I cannot find my battery charger for the life of me. I've borrowed Kyle's camera a couple of times but it died on me too when I was in Austin this week!

So, since I haven't been wondering around trying to find good style for you, I've been thinking a lot. I know what you are going to say-"DANGER!"

I have been thinking about how self-confidence relates to friendships and how they affect each other. As a girl who has walked the thin line between self-consciousness and self-confidence, I have a personal interest in the topic. I've noticed a certain amount of push back from some of the people I've asked to let me photograph them for the blog. As girls we struggle with our own self-image versus what the world really sees. A lot of us have also been taught to be humble, either that or no one ever taught us how to take a compliment! How many times have you given a compliment to a friend "I love that dress" and she said something self deprecating like "Oh it makes my butt look huge". What is it inside our heads that lets that come out of our mouths!?

I've also been thinking a lot about how we as females react when one of the ladies in our lives experiences great success in any area. How many of us tend to feel the jealous feelings first?( i.e. Why does she get to drive such a nice car and not me?; Why can't I be a size 4?; Why can't I have such a successful career?) Some of us have gotten good and talking ourselves off of that ledge and realizing that we are all different and in different places of our lives. Personally I am getting better at this and have begun to use the amazing women in my life as inspiration to go out there and get what I want out of life! I hope that we all can learn to celebrate each other as strong and independent, successful women. I am so lucky to have an amazing group of supportive friends which makes it very easy to want good things for them. But I am extending this idea even out to the people outside of my circle... I want to wish good things for everyone, including myself. And YOU!

Anyone else have thoughts on this topic?

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  1. Bummer about your camera issues. I know how that goes. I like this post and maybe you should include some questions along these lines in your interviews: "Do you have any insecurities and how do they impact your personal style?"

    Loving the blog!