Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Camera Debacle Continues...

I'm in San Francisco and I have taken so many great pictures and have a great post on the way. Me and Jennie went on a tour all day and I found so much inspiration. This city has such incredible texture and rich history and I have really enjoyed spending some time exploring.

So, I was so excited to get back to the room and post tonight BUT... at the very end of the tour me and Jennie decided to toss a penny into a wishing fountain and I totally knocked my camera INTO THE FOUNTAIN... MID WISH. That can't be a good sign! I nearly dove into the fountain to retrieve my poor camera. The jury is still out on if it is ruined or not. I'm scared to try and turn in on because I'm afraid that I will fry it...

Why can't I ever go out of town and have all the necessary camera accessories and have everything go right!? I actually have all the pieces this time including charger and cable... then I had to throw it in the water.

Well on the bright side... if it is ruined... I've been wanting a new (better) camera anyway.

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