Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Home of My Dreams

Okay, so I'm completely obsessing over making this little house of ours a home ASAP! Here are some pictures that I feel like best express my taste in home decor. I hope someday soon my house looks like a version of these pictures! Of course I'm going to use what I have around here for the most part so it may be a bit of a stretch!

I have figured out that I love anything that looks natural, organic or earthy. I also am really drawn to rooms with clean color palettes. I like alot of neutrals with a few splashes of light blue and some plants and flowers thrown in for color. I love seeing lots of textures mixed together in a room. I don't like anything that looks too fussy or like you couldn't really live there. Also, I tend to prefer items with function... if something is just sitting there to be pretty, I just see it as one more item that will collect dust (I am not the best housekeeper FYI). But at the same time, I really like that eclectic look, just not too much junk!

I have decided to start with the living room because that is what you see first. I'm thinking of posting some before pictures when I get this place cleaned up a little more. But back to the dream. Let me know what you think of these pictures and what you would classify my style as. I can't seem to put it into words! Here goes....

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