Monday, January 4, 2010

Born to Be Stylish

I had just about the best holiday season I have had in a long time. Me and my hubby were able to spend time with everyone and had a blast doing it! Here are some pictutes of my new style inspiration: my niece Presley. I am so in love!

Pres has learned the most important style rule early on: Confidence is the best accessory and you can pull off pretty much anything with the right attitude!

We share a love for magazines, SJP and cuddling! Don't worry I didn't read her any of the naughty articles!

Presley gets her good taste naturally... here are four generations of style!


  1. Awww...I love this! The ones of y'all and the magazines crack me up! Thanks for spotlighting our little stylish baby! Love you!

  2. Your best post yet...or am I just prejudice???

  3. We aren't biased! She is just the cutest thing ever... that is all!