Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Closet Saga Continues...

I just love it when things work out perfectly, which in my opinion, happens more often than not. As you all know I am in the midst of a complete closet overhaul. After several breakdowns, and at least an hour of staring blankly at piles of clothes and into the cluttered abyss that is my closet, I came to a workable solution!

First and foremost, I do need to get rid of a few things *sniff, sniff. I have come to terms with this. But I am not willing to get rid of things that I wear in other seasons or that I love, which is still too much stuff for my meager closet. So I decided that I wanted to get one of these from The Container Store to put in our storage unit:

After discussing it with my hubby, we decided that I should wait on making the $49.00 purchase until we have fewer bills on the horizon (as in, when we aren't paying two mortgages). I agreed, but secretly still wished that I could get it. Somehow I feel like I wont really be banishing my out of season treasures to our cold and lonely storage unit if they are safely encased in this sleek "extra closet", instead of stuffed in a box or stacked up somewhere collecting dust.

So how did things work out perfectly you ask? I got home, grabbed the mail, and there was a birthday card from Grandma Johnson with a check for $50.00 neatly tucked inside! YAYYY! I'm buying my extra clothes a home this week! What more could I ask for? Thanks Grandma! You made my day :)

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