Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Few Newbies

I have a confession. I know this is the time of resolutions and of change and building good new habits. But I want to talk about one of my bad habits... Shopping! One way that I have found to "work around" the guilt I can't seem to shake over shopping is to A. buy fewer items of better quality and B. only buy things that I have been looking for or planning to buy. Not to say that I never fall prey to a good impulse buy, but I try to follow these little rules for myself and it makes my shopping trips more pleasant and my purchases more cherished.

With that in mind, I am posting a few things I have purchased (or received as gifts) over the past few months. Some of you will remember me obsessing over similar items in previous posts... meaning... I totally planned it (rule B)! I hope you like!

I finally found the perfect flat riding boot! At DSW for only $60, no less!
I am still stoked about theses!

This clutch was a gift from my brother and his lovely fiancee. I cried when I opened it... not because it is Michael Kors, but because I was so touched that they would know I would love it!
My sis bought me a grey cowl similar to the ones below. She got mine at forever 21 and it is a chunkier knit. I love it and have been wanting one! It is like she read my mind, or my blog! :)

These babies were a major score at my local Nordstrom Rack. The ankle boot thing took a while to grow on me, but this pair seems like they will be a good basic for years to come!

Over the holidays I also picked up some really cute tights for a steal at Dillard's. Apparently they have a huge sale every year on the 1st where all of their clearance goes an additional 50% off. Thanks to Aunt Sherry for letting us in on this event that will be marked on my calendar every year from not on!

I also finally found the courage to purchase my first pair of skinny jeans. My cousin, Hannah, inspired me with a couple of cute pairs I saw her wearing over the holidays. She got hers at Urban Outfitters. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law were both rocking a pair they picked up at Charlotte Russe so I finally took the plunge! They actually come in "Long" there! Who knew?

image 1 and 4 Zappos.com, image 2 macys.com, image 3 newyorkandcompany.com


  1. I am oh so jealous of your saddle boots. I have been wanting some all winter. I am hoping to find an awesome pair on sale towards the end of the season and just hope that they are equally as in style next year. :)