Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Simple & Organized Life

This is my goal for 2010 in all aspects of my life. For the month of January I have been very focused on organizing my home and purging my life of all of the extra, needless things that seem to clutter up my ability to live my life to the fullest. Here are the positive things I have accomplished so far:

-purged my office of boxes and boxes of old paperwork, magazines, work documents
-built a habit of keeping my kitchen 100% clean (it is much easier to clean a few dishes after every meal than three days of dishes)
-organized my prize collection of shoes/handbags and I can actually see them all at once
-kept up with my laundry by washing and... this part is key- PUTTING AWAY a load every other day or so

Kyle is on board with these changes and we made a deal that if I handle the dishes and laundry for the most part, he will keep the floors swept, trash emptied, and dinner and coffee tables cleared off and clean. This deal has been working pretty well for us for the most part with a few little growing pains along the way. But we seem to have come to an understanding we can both live with!

I picked this book at the beginning of the month that helped me get this whole project in motion!

It is called "Organize Now!" by Jennifer Ford Berry. It basically breaks down "getting organized" into weekly bite-sized projects that are TOTALLY manageable! This book has really helped me keep pushing forward on Mission: Simple & Organized by keeping me from getting overwhelmed or not knowing where to start. Another thing I love about it is that each project has little "To Do's" with check boxes by them. Ahhh I love marking things off my list and nothing feels better than checking that box!

In February I am focusing on decorating my house! And of course continuing to get organized!

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